Yamarna Project Location Yamarna Belt Yamarna Project Location Yamarna Belt

Latest News

  • 29/09/2016
    Gruyere Gold Project to Commence Limited Early Works
  • 20/09/2016
    Gruyere-Style Gold Mineralisation Discovered at Yam10 South Yamarna Joint Venture

Gold Road's Yamarna Belt is a major new gold region

Gold Road Resources is pioneering development of Australia’s newest goldfield, the Yamarna Belt, 200 kilometres east of Laverton in Western Australia. The Company holds tenements covering ~5000 square kilometres in the region, which is historically underexplored and highly prospective for gold mineralisation. These tenements contain a gold resource of 6.6 million ounces, including 6.2 million ounces at the Gruyere deposit, which Gold Road discovered in 2013 and is currently the focus of development studies. While progressing Gruyere towards first production, Gold Road continues to explore for similar-scale deposits, on its own on its North Yamarna tenements and in conjunction with joint venture partner, Sumitomo Metal Mining Oceania (a subsidiary of Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Limited), on its South Yamarna (SYJV) tenements.